Sorry List

October 31st: said “sorry” (there were no clean forks/spoons)

Said sorry for asking if the noise from hitting a man’s belt back and forth could please stop thank you sorry

Said sorry, sorry-sorry for bumping into a book as I was sitting back down. One beat “sorry” followed by the quick step of two more

Said sorry in response to someone being tired and done working and I’d been still trying to help them finish up

Said sorry for helping during a feedback session that spent the other person’s last remaining energies

Said I’m sorry (for being sad, basically)

Said sorry, on behalf of another person’s interfering presence

Said sorry for revving the engine a tiny bit accidentally too much to make it through the turn

Said sorry for accidentally running my own foot into the wheel of a shopping cart

Heard a woman say “sorry” for mispronouncing “dissertation”

I said I’m sorry I bumped into you when you leaned over into my space

I am sorry it got dark out

Sorry I hit your elbow with my stomach

Sorry to the following people in this order: men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men

Sorry for leaving so many clear tracks in the dirt

Sorry for the wind and how my legs start to shake,

I fall over and am blown away just thinking about it


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