Making Plans

How other people’s plans interfere with your own. How other people’s plants interfere with your own. How mothers and people and plants go inside your own body. How other creative plans go inside the air around you. How new pants and shirts and clothes interfere with your hair. How new habits become old habits. How old habits die hard. How old habits cry regard. How old rabbits belie hearts. How other people’s hands interfere with winning the pot. How other people’s plants interfere with planting your own plants in the same pot. How space is taken up more quickly by more people. How space and mothers and land are all contested metaphors, but I’ll give it a shot. My house is where I grow my plans, they change along with the weather. How moods and grants and transportation shape your human life inside the planet. Despite the planet. In lieu of the planet. In situ: this plant. Right where I placed it a second ago, my hand. I am leasing my mother, one moth at a time. There’s a bug in my house. How other people’s lamps are swarmed with bodies telling me to be smaller. How mothers are people with or without mothers, too. How lovers go far with their own other blues. In situ: this planet. Right where I paid the planet to be. I’m through with manners. Right where I lay them at sea. There’s a shrug in my blouse. How land interferes with each plant planted right above the interfering blight. How man intertwines through blunt slants and fight clubs and inward dazzling fright. I’m through with people pleasing. Plant squeezing. Men trapeze-ing. How other people’s plants go inside the inside of me. But not the trapeze men, not anymore. How other people’s problems go outside the outside of me. How other people’s problems try to trapeze the woman right out of me. How mold describes my heart. How I put what I’m done with straight into the ground. Into the sound. Into the hound. How the outside of me goes straight into the inside of the planet. How the best things get cancelled at the last minute. How the best plans are planets made of plants within them.


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